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A Quiet Superpower

An international study finds meditation can change gene expression, increasing resilience to stress.


Wishing I were here today, but hot #yoga will be my #SilverLining!


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yoga toes


· Doing yoga might help you find some ‘inner peace’. Just becoming aware of your breath can surprisingly bring you a lot of calm during times of stress. During yoga practice, we do gentle exercises that bring strength and flexibility to the body. Yoga is a non-striving practice, and so it is…

It’s been a struggle because we are so conditioned to multitask; to always be thinking, always doing, always checking social media, always consuming some product or service. For one to sit and be present goes completely against the modern order. It feels graceful and empowering to throw it all aside for 20 minutes a day and just be here.
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Just thought I’d share :)

So I’m not a morning person, but I tried this it and it actually works! Makes me feel a lot more energised and awake.

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Where’s warrior 3?

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Reading Yoga

Kate Beaton, you are just too brilliant. 


Brain development is still incomplete at birth. Early experiences that stimulate the brain are involved in enhancing its neural growth. A child’s brain develops its full potential with exposure to enriching experiences in early childhood. These stimuli received during the early parts of childhood…



Spiritual focus: When you sculpt with clay, you have to keep it moist so that it stays malleable. You have to spray it with water, otherwise it will day out and harden. Our relaxed mind is to the body what water is to clay. As the mind relaxes, so will your body. With each breath, let go a little more. Be fluid… relax, breathe, and flow.

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Although life can be complicated, we always have the choice to keep it SIMPLE. To achieve this you need to know what’s most important to you and then focus on your top priorities. The process starts by gaining clarity on how you define success and then practicing your rituals consistently….